On my photography


I will tell you a little about my style.

All my pictures are shot up to now with a Leica M6 using a 50 mm lens.

I shoot with around 20 mega pixels, as my grandfather and everyone else did using a 35 mm film before the industry invented digital photography.
Some people might argue that there are many other good cameras for less money.
Yes I agree. So why did I choose the Leica M series?
First of all it’s a classic has a great history and some of the greatest still use it today. 
Beyond that, I apply a philosophy to my buying habits.

The rules are simple. What’s the value of the object after having bought it?
Now, the Leica can be seen as an investment of good value.
I bought mine second hand and am sure that, if I would want to sell it, I would break even.

But most probably I would want to share my life with it and never have to be forced to separate my self from it.


Who is IKEA?
Buy e.g. a table for 450 bucks and walk out the door of the shop and your great table will have lost over 50 %of its value in no time.

It just does not make any sense to me to spend my money on rubbish.
I would rather wait longer and work harder to be able to have the sensation of owning something seriously valuable, beautiful and unique.
Your digital camera has no physical value at all.
Plastic, a mirror and a couple of chips and its second hand value to the market run s against zero.

The digital world was created to make money; I try to make my point of view visible to others…

I really enjoy like a little kid the moment just before seeing the result of my work.
The moment when I see on paper what I saw.
It’s similar to the feeling I remember to have had as kid when I was allowed, after the long procedure of singing and speeches, to open my Christmas presents obviously, most of the times ha ha ha, not knowing if there was inside what I asked the angels to bring me.

By the way,
it’s similar with a woman.
If you had to make great efforts to be with your Love and you were ready to wait and fight, turns her automatically into something very special and most probably beautiful, unique and the best thing on earth god ever created.

I shoot mostly black & white and often use very low ASA films. Around ISO 25, 50, or I try to go extreme high sensitive... 3200.
When I shoot colour I lonely focus on this aspect. The object looses its importance and dominant role.
I never use a flash and shot every picture freehanded. The tripod has not become a friend of mine jet.
Maybe my style will adapt its self towards the tripod when I am old and lazy.