Su di me


Born in Munich, raised in Tokyo, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hong Kong. Boarding school in Germany and Switzerland. University in Aachen, London and South America,Viña del Mar.
After graduation i lived for periods of 2 years in Barcelona, Sorrento, Napoli.



Trips to Vienna, romantic pure, and a expedition to Ecuador that nearly turnedout to be a nightmare in the midle of the Jungle.

From Napels I moved to Munich and ended up in Hong-Kong. Checked out the surf at Bali, "Bondi" and Seal Rocks Australia and back to good old Europe. Saarburg became my home for another 18 month before getting to know my own country and movin the place i am currently living, loving and working at.



I grew up without roots which makes me feel comfortable everywhere i am, since my home is always with me.
Have faith in yourself and the beauty that comes with it.

At least once a life everybody should travel to my city of Heart




"Diventa ciò che sei"

-Friedrich Nietzsche-